25 Weeks Pregnant In Months – Know About Changes In Your Body

25 weeks pregnant in months

If you are 25 weeks pregnant in months, then it means you are in the 6th month of your pregnancy. You have a rounded belly, and with every passing week, you will feel and look more pregnant. Now it’s time to start thinking about what you will need to do next. If you have had kids before, then it would be easy for you to manage everything this time, but if you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time, then it could be a bit overwhelming. Expectant parents can have a variety of choices at hand. Together with the foggy pregnancy brain, everything seems entirely confusing.Physical changes in your body during this week

  • Did you notice blood on tooth-brush? As your gums are working overtime in supporting bines surrounding the teeth. Your gums are prone to gingivitis maybe. Bleeding gums is a symptom that calls for brushing teeth twice a day. During your 25 weeks pregnant in months around 6, it is required to visit your dentist throughout your pregnancy.
  • Your body muscles that are supporting the uterus expansion are getting strong. Relaxin and progesterone, both are essential hormones during pregnancy, and they act like magic by relaxing and loosening the taut fibers. In this way, your body gets ready for the delivery, but an added bonus is that it would make everything a bit looser. To alleviate discomfort, physiotherapy, tummy massage, and even warm baths can be useful.

Hints for the week

  • While traveling in a car, fasten your seatbelt. Although it becomes bit tight while wearing a seat-belt, but the safest way is that you must have it for your and baby’s safety. Many pregnant ladies experience severe motion sickness when they use public transport due to limited access to fresh air. Try to get aisle seat of buses or trains if you try to and need to focus the horizon. Sipping cold water can give relieve in such cases and try to eat a small quantity of food which is having ginger flavor.
  • You should move away if someone is smoking near you. The reason is, passive smoking is as toxic as active smoking, and your placenta will not be able to filter out all the chemicals and carbon monoxide that you inhaled passively. If you are an active smoker then, by all means, try to stop it. You can consider support groups, acupuncture, or hypnotherapy. All these methods have proven track, and there are more chances to quit smoke successfully.
  • You are passing 6th month of pregnancy if you are 25 weeks pregnant in months, so you must be careful and avoid risky foods. In some foods, listeria is present which is a rare but still dangerous bacterium. Un-pasteurized milk, soft cheeses, raw meat, sliced cold meats, coleslaw, sushi, and pate all will pose a risk. You need to look after the hygiene of the kitchen and must wash hands after handling any type of raw meat.

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