28 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months – Symptoms

28 weeks pregnant is how many months

You are welcome to the 3rd trimester! Ladies who are moms-to-be and also are 28 weeks pregnant. They are known for the lack of sleep. In case you do find yourself awake in the middle of the night then do some relaxing stuff. Let us now answer this question -28 weeks pregnant is how many months?

It is not a time to clean your home from top to bottom—though you may feel an urge to do this at some point.

It is also called nesting. You have surely heard of this term. Rather, read some good book, listen to some soothing music, and drink the chamomile tea. Then get back to your bed and just try to get do rest.

How Big Is the Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant?

While at 28 weeks, your baby is having a size of the eggplant. By putting on several layers of fat, the baby measures from head to toe almost about 14.8 inches. Your baby also weighs in about 2.2 pounds.

28 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

While you hit 28-weeks then you are 6 months old pregnant. So, this week, you are actually embarking on both your 7th month as well as your 3rd trimester. Could you believe you have made it this far successfully?!

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As the body is getting more & more crowded due to the growing 28-week baby and also begins prepping for its arrival. Also, you may be noticing a few new pregnancy signs. Here are some very common symptoms at this point of the game:

Trouble Sleeping: When you are getting closer to the due date, you will probably have more & more troubles getting the Zzzs (that stinks, as you are beat!). This can be nerves or hormones—or even both!—that causes an inability to sleep.

Shortness of Your Breath: You baby also continues to just crowd your diaphragm as well as lungs that makes it quite tough to catch the breath. You can give yourself some kind of permission about not to push hard & to take breaks.

Aches and Pains: The 3rd trimester could be quite uncomfortable because of hormone fluctuations. Your toll pregnancy also takes on the body (particularly talking to the mamas who are about 28 weeks pregnant with the twins). And, to deal, swim, do yoga, walk, stretch, and also get some prenatal massage. You also need to try wearing some maternity support belt in case you are on your feet so much. Plus, not sexy, everyone knows, but this could relieve some pressure that is making you a bit achy.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Such practice contractions may be actually getting more noticeable, stronger, and more frequent when the body is getting ready for the labor. You need to keep an eye out & be sure that these contractions are just occasional.

Leaky Boobs: The breasts might be actually producing baby’s very first food that is a yellowish substance. It is called colostrum. And surprisingly, some of this milk may come out even before your baby does.

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