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36 weeks pregnant baby movement

36 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement – Week By Week

How your baby is developing and moving when you are 36 month pregnant. First question that comes in your mind is 36 weeks pregnant...
baby at 7 weeks ultrasound

Baby At 7 Weeks Ultrasound – Find The Embryo’s Growth, Size And Age

When women have been experiencing pregnancy for seven weeks, doctors recommend them the first ultrasound. There are many reasons to have this ultrasound, but...
how big is a baby at 8 weeks

How Big Is A Baby At 8 Weeks And Other Changes In This Week

At 8 weeks pregnant, you are wrapping up your second month of pregnancy. When you reached in 8 weeks of pregnancy you hear and...
37 weeks pregnant baby weight in kg

37 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight In Kg And Physical Changes

The total procedure of pregnancy is commonly 40 weeks. When you are now 37 weeks pregnant, it should be 3 weeks require to porous...

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