Can You Get Your Period And Be Pregnant? Causes Of Bleeding

can you get your period and be pregnant

This query comes in mind for most of you that, “can you get your period and be pregnant?”. The answer is a big NO. Although most of the women claim this, it’s impossible to have periods during pregnancy. You might experience the issues of spotting which is probably dark brown or light pink in color. It’s a rule of thumb that, if you have enough bleeding that can fill tampons and pads, then this indication is good enough to tell you that you are not pregnant.

Can You Get a Period and Still Be Pregnant?

The difference between being pregnant and menstruation must be clear-cut: You will not have any periods if you are pregnant. Unfortunately, this is not obvious always. There are claims by women that they get periods during pregnancy. For such ladies, keep it in mind that when the egg is not fertilized it moves towards the vagina and your period’s start, if it gets fertilized then it means you are pregnant.

Reasons for bleeding when you are in the first trimester

Around 30% of women face spotting problem during the first trimester. Some of the reasons are:

  • changes in the cervix
  • implantation bleeding
  • infection
  • ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that is outside of the uterus)
  • molar pregnancy (abnormal mass fertilizes rather than a fetus)
  • early symptoms of a miscarriage

Implantation bleeding

This is experienced during the early pregnancy stages. At this stage, most of the ladies usually don’t even performed any kind of pregnancy test yet. This kind of bleeding happens if the implantation of the fertilized egg takes place in the uterus, probably at the time when your periods are expected. Pregnant women mostly take this implantation bleeding as periods mistakenly, though the bleeding is like spotting or usually light.

Other causes

Other kinds of early bleeding that result in an emergency medical problem include:

  • miscarriage
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • infections
  • molar pregnancy

These issues may also be accompanied by:

  • abdominal pain or severe cramps
  • back pain
  • losing consciousness or faintness
  • shoulder pain
  • Fatigue
  • vaginal discharge changes
  • Fever
  • uncontrollable vomiting and nausea

Causes of bleeding during second and third trimesters

If you have second or third trimester, and you are having bleeding, then you need to ask this query that can you get your period and be pregnant? As this is something wrong at this stage. Regardless of having spotting or heavy bleeding, you must do an emergency visit to your doctor.

Some of the common reasons behind bleeding in the second and third trimester include:

  • Miscarriage
  • cervical dilation or preterm or term labor
  • placenta previa
  • uterine rupture (very rare)
  • placental abruption
  • vasa previa (very rare)

The bottom line of can you get your period and be pregnant:

It’s impossible to be pregnant and have periods along with pregnancy, but most of the pregnant ladies experience similar signs of having periods during the first trimester. These comprise of:

  • light cramping
  • vaginal bleeding (light or short-term)
  • fatigue
  • lower back pain
  • irritability

The dissimilarity is that these signs and symptoms are related to the natural preparation method of your body for pregnancy. If any of the symptoms mentioned above turn out to be severe during your second or third trimester, then go for medical care immediately.

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