How Big Is A Baby At 8 Weeks And Other Changes In This Week

At 8 weeks pregnant, you are wrapping up your second month of pregnancy. When you reached in 8 weeks of pregnancy you hear and see the heartbeat of baby and it is the 1st time when you feel that you may be pregnant or go for the doctor to check your pregnancy. Here you want to know how big is a baby at 8 weeks. During week 8 of your pregnancy, the baby is big as a raspberry and weights about .63 inches. The baby growing about a millimeter each day. There are almost 2 months pregnant at 8 weeks. In 8 weeks of pregnancy, your hormones are doing some wild things at week eight, giving you a superhuman-like sense of smelling and making your stomach do a flip-flop. At 8 weeks of pregnancy, there are the host of pregnancy symptoms you could experience, there are following symptoms that feel a pregnant woman are as follows:

Sore breasts

In 8 weeks of pregnancy your breasts feel bigger, heavier, and let’s face it, sore. That is because of milk-producing lobules in your breasts are started expanding. It’s all for a good reason, they are prepping for breastfeeding. Another important issue related to this how big is a baby at 8 weeks.


This also an important thing to know like how big is a baby at 8 weeks. The 8 weeks of pregnancy your hormones fluctuate, your body produces more blood for you baby, and your blood pressure and your blood sugar level are lower than they were pre-pregnancy. the best solution for this solution is to sleep more as you sleep in your routine. We know it sounds easier than it really is but makes it your number one priority to get bed early or sneak in a nap or four on the weekend.

  Morning sickness

In the 8 weeks of pregnancy, nausea could be very strong at 8 weeks of pregnancy, it might be very tough to keep food down, let alone eat right, so finding an option you can actually stomach key. Some moms to swear by ginger, vitamin B-6, and the women should feel the very sickness in the morning when she wakes up in the 8 weeks of their pregnancy. You should also have a concern with how big is a baby at 8 weeks with these symptoms.

Pregnancy Cramps

At the 8 weeks of pregnancy, cramping is normal. That is because the ligaments in your abdomen are stretching as your uterus expands. If your cramping is severe or you are worried in any way, you should check yourself to your doctor.

If you are 8 weeks of pregnant with twins, you may feel extra tired and more sickness because your hormones at a baby level are very high, and it needs to create two babies. If you are feeling extra hungry or extra tired, it is all because of your baby grown overdrive and because of your body is still adjusting to all those hormonal changes. In 8 weeks of pregnancy you might need to be checkup around this time and if you do, you may get catch a glimpse of your 8 weeks fetus on the ultrasound, you might be surprised to see baby arms and legs moving like crazy there. Here a question comes in mind that how big is a baby at 8 weeks. At week 8 of pregnancy, baby fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed, and his or her tail is gone. At your first prenatal appointment, you will likely have your blood drawn so your doctor can run tests. Your doctor will want to know your blood type and whether it`s Rh positive or negative. Your hormones levels and red and white blood cell levels will also be checked to sure that they are normal. Your blood will also be screened for hepatitis B, STD, HIV, and certain immunities. You also get a cup of pee, because at this appointment you will have to give your urine sample, so your glucose and protein levels can be monitored to rule out gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, respectively.

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