One Month Pregnant Belly – Development Of Fetus

one month pregnant belly

One month pregnant belly would be produced at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy which is usually after 3-4 months of conception. However, for women who have been pregnant before, her belly is slightly stretched can be seen if observed keenly. If pregnancy is real there would some form of stretching behind the pubic bone due to an increase in the size of the uterus after conception.

The Initiation of Life

The first month of pregnancy starts when an ovum (an egg) and a sperm meet in the uterine tube. During the first week after the conception, the cells in the ovum start to divide and the egg moves to the uterine cavity at the same time. The starting of the second week and third week, usually on the eighth day following the beginning it gets to the uterus and fastens onto its wall. Then it begins to grow slowly.
The inner membrane of the uterus resembles the surface of the moon, where small bumps are separating around. They are just like beacons, sending chemical signals to the embryo. And the most important moment fastening onto the uterus and formation of the placenta. As soon as it is happening, blood vessels grow from the embryo into the mucous membrane of the uterus and start the active exchange of nutrient substances and oxygen. Now your body performs fine work because of your body creation of a new human being. By this time, because of intensive hormonal reorganization engorgement may begin. The moment of implantation of the fetus expectant the mother can face leaps in her mood because of sudden hormonal changes. The concentration of progesterone is especially high in the fourth week. Due to this fact, a protective mucous plug is formed in the cervix of the uterus to close the entrance of the cervix into the uterus until the end of pregnancy. Since that moment, the nervous anxiety of the mother is decreased and that means the emotional condition is gradually coming back to normal. The 1 month pregnant is a new challenge of the coming new life. The One month pregnant belly is a little bigger than a normal belly of women.

1 Month Pregnant: Useful Tips

In the first month of pregnancy, you should need a lot of rest. But this doesn’t mean that you should be staying in bed all day long: excessive rest only intensifies the weakness. When you are pregnant you should take your food properly and as healthy as possible. Keep to a well-balanced diet, you should sleep in the good atmosphere, avoid noisy places. One month pregnant belly of women is little superior, so it is easier said than done to do some exercise but if you feel well do exercise. But you have to maintain your body because your baby in belly needs food for health or to remain normal.

Development of Fetus in First Month of Pregnancy

The fertilized egg makes an embryo. The embryo enters the uterus within 3 days after conception. In a week, it has fallen onto the uterine cavity and remains there for the whole term of pregnancy. In the second week, the fetus begins to live on mother’s resources because the supply of nutrients in the ovule has already been completely used. In the third week of pregnancy, various tissues distinguish; the foundation of organs begins. The heart is formed, it has the simple single-stage heart so far but it will obtain the same structure as an adult’s heart after the end of the second month. In the fourth week of pregnancy, eye-sockets are formed, the arms and legs begin their development; the rudiments of almost all the internal organs are finished. Basically the one month pregnant belly can be compared to a rice grain – about 4 mm.

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