Period Or Pregnant Quiz – It’s All About Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

period or pregnant quiz

Are you wondering, “Am I pregnant”? Usually, when you don’t get your period in its time, it is considered as a sign of pregnancy. However there are also some other symptoms of pregnancy, you can experience while pregnant. You can check it by answering our online period or pregnant quiz.

If you don’t want to go for a pregnancy test, but for instance, you are desperate to know if you are pregnant, take this fun quiz test.

It is to inform you that if you find out that you are experiencing the same signs, you must consult your doctor and take a pregnancy test.

Check out the fun pregnant quiz below:

Complete your quiz by noting down your answers “A, B, C or D” on a piece of paper and at the end check the answers on the scoresheet.

Q1 – When do you expect to experience the next period?

A: Two weeks or more than that

B: In a couple of days

C: Two weeks late

D: One week late


A: If you don’t experience your periods after the due date or weeks, you may be getting your fertile period. Some of the women feel bloating and tiredness when it is the time of ovulation. However you must wait until your periods are due, afterward, you should take a pregnancy test.

B: If you don’t get your periods within a few due days, you can go for a pregnancy test if you can’t wait longer.

C: You may be pregnant if you don’t get your periods very regular. Although there are also many other reasons that can lead to a late period. But you can try a pregnancy test if you think you are pregnant.

D: If you haven’t got period after a due week, we recommend a pregnancy test but if it shows a negative result, consult your doctor about other causes.

Q2 – How do you feel your breasts?

A: Normal

B: A little bit tender

C: Quite swollen

D: B and C both


A: Some of the women feel breast tenderness in their early pregnancy; Although if you don’t experience any breast change, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant.

B, C & D:

Breast tenderness refers to the sign of early pregnancy. It doesn’t clear up much on its own – significantly most women face this when it is the time of ovulation as well as in the time before their period gets due. But if you think that the breast changes are different to your usual monthly changes, it might be a symptom of early pregnancy.

Q3 – Have you been experiencing any fatigue?

A: Not at all

B: Once or twice a day

C: I got tired by the end of a few days

D: I have completely become exhausted from dawn to dusk


A: Many women feel tiredness in their early pregnancy; Although if you don’t experience any fatigue, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. If you find this symptom mentioned in the period or pregnant quiz, go for your pregnancy check-up.

B, C & D:

Tiredness refers to a common sign of your early pregnancy. Although there are also other reasons that cause tiredness, you might be pregnant if you suddenly feel exhausted.

Q4 – Have you been experiencing a nauseous state?

A: Nope

B: I sometimes feel a little nauseous.

C: Sometimes I experience a nauseous state, but I feel better when I eat

D: I feel sick all of the day


A: Most women complain some nausea during their early pregnancy. If you don’t get nausea, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.

B, C & D:

Nausea refers to the early sign of pregnancy but can also magnify other things. Of course, there are other causes of feeling nausea, but you might be pregnant experience other symptoms as well.

Q5 – Have you been feeling moody?

A: Nope

B: A little bit of moodiness

C: Yes, full moody

D: Yes – Mood changes suddenly


Pregnancy hormones can severely affect everyone differently. If you don’t become an emotional rollercoaster, it doesn’t lack out the possibility of pregnancy.

B, C & D :

The pregnancy hormones can affect every woman differently, but most of the women feel mood swings. There are also some other reasons for mood swings, but it is also a sign of pregnancy.

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned in the period or pregnant quiz, you may be pregnant. We strongly suggest you go for your pregnancy test.

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