Signs Of Miscarriage At 5 Weeks – What To Expect

signs of miscarriage at 5 weeks

Most of the miscarriages occur during early pregnancies, even in most cases a woman is unaware that she is pregnant. The time span of whole pregnancy is 40 weeks, starting from the first day after the menstrual period. During the pregnancy of 5 weeks, a woman has missed first periods and only one week is passed. Mostly, women take it as late periods instead of taking bleeding as a signs of miscarriage at 5 weeks.

There are few symptoms; however, that shows a miscarriage instead of a late period, even at this initial stage. Consult a doctor straight away if you are experiencing heavy bleeding, severe pains, chills or fever with your miscarriage.

Bleeding- signs of miscarriage at 5 weeks

At week five, the bleeding that occurs due to miscarriage is probably heavier than usual periods. The tissues of pregnancy will move out of the uterus lining along with the usual shedding. No clear and recognizable fetus at week 5 is passed– the embryo is undeveloped and is still microscopic. Clots will appear in bleeding, and this condition resolves within the average period duration of one week. Many women experienced cramping during their periods, but during an early miscarriage, the cramping is typically more severe and intense. This intense pain in the lower abdomen may occur on and off and may result in a feeling of burden on the abdomen.

Cessation of the Pregnancy Symptoms

As a signs of miscarriage at 5 weeks, some women may observe a cessation of the pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, fatigue, and sore breasts. The level of responsible hormones for such side effects, such as progesterone and estrogen, abruptly drop during a miscarriage. On ultrasound, there will be no gestational sac which is the initial pregnancy sign.

Hormone Changes

The level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) will rise during the pregnancy. After every 3 to 4 days, the level of hcg becomes double in a normal pregnancy; and if this not happens so, then this is an indication of having an abnormal pregnancy. The pregnancy test done at home may still show a positive sign for a few days or a week following to a miscarriage along with a decrease in hormone levels.

Is it possible to prevent miscarriages at 5 weeks of pregnancy?

It can be prevented in some case. According to latest Danish research published during 2011, followed more than 100,000 women from the starting of their pregnancy.

The study identified some high-risk factors that result in an increased rate of miscarriage. These comprise of drinking coffee too much, binge eating, smoking ( not includes treatments for nicotine replacement- good news for women trying to quit smoking), being underweight or overweight before conception, and low literacy level.

Most of the results were really surprising: doing intense exercises and working during night shifts are also risk factors, and so was the age of father of baby if he was 45+ of age.

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