Size Of Baby At 7 Weeks – Growth And Development Of Baby’s Organs

size of baby at 7 weeks

During week 7, you have completed half of your journey of the first trimester. Even though it happens that you are not feeling more fabulous and don’t appear as pregnant; but remember that inside your body there is going on a lot. The size of the baby at 7 weeks will be demonstrated in detail below:

Size of baby at 7 weeks

It sounds strange if the size of a baby at 7 weeks is being continuously compared with some of the food items, but this is considered as usual during the initial stage of pregnancy. All confusion will be eliminated by it as we all have a picture in mind of the same thing. So, if you are in the 7th week of pregnancy, the size of your baby is similar to that of blueberry, small bean, raspberry, corn kernel, or even a grape. Also, the size of your uterus is of medium sized orange, hope you get what I mean!

The approximate length of your baby is a quarter of an inch now- which is equal to that of blueberry. Seems pretty small still? Take it as a bit perspective: Now your baby is 10,000 times bigger than what she was a month ago at the time of conception. When you are 7 weeks pregnant, then the growth of the baby is more concentrated at the head, where the new brain cells are being produced at speed of 100 per minute. How does this sound for a budding genius?

Baby’s Arms and Legs Start Developing

While talking about buds, this week, your baby is going out on the limb. Her leg and arm buds start to grow and sprout stronger and longer, further dividing into an arm, hand, and shoulder segments and foot, knee, and leg segments (though the appearance of limb buds is more like the paddles instead of feet and hands at this initial stage)

Baby’s Got Kidneys

The tongue and mouth of the baby are also formed during the 7th week. Formation of kidneys also take place, and they start performing their essential function of managing wastes. Your baby will start producing urine soon. How lucky you are, as you don’t have to buy diapers (yet).

Development of brain at week 7

Most of the growth of your baby is focused on brain parts during the 7th week of pregnancy. After every minute, more than 100 new brain cell will form. It’s of no wonder if you feel hungry all the time; as all the mentioned growth of baby requires energy to support it, which you will get from food

Sex glands development

The sex glands of your baby will start forming during the pregnancy of week 7, but still, it’s too early to know the gender of your baby through ultrasound.

Face development

During week 7, the bones of the baby start developing, so develop their facial features. The shape of a family nose begins forming along with the inherited lips shape. The growth of back of the head is faster as compared to the front side.


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