5 Causes Of Your Stomach Pain in Early Pregnancy

stomach pain in early pregnancy

Cramps or stomach pain in early pregnancy are quite common. There is typically nothing much to worry about. They could often be a symptom of anything more serious which have to be immediately checked.

It is actually nothing to be worried about in case this pain is quite mild as well as goes away as you change your position, pass wind, have a rest or do a poo. But in case you’ve stomach pain & are much worried then just call your maternity hospital or midwife.

The harmless stomach pain, that could be sharp or dull, might be actually caused by:

  • The ligament pain (usually called the “growing pains” because the ligaments stretch for supporting the growing bump) – it could feel like some kind of sharp cramp on either side of the lower tummy
  • The trapped wind
  • Constipation – that is very common in the pregnancy

You should call the midwife immediately in case you feel stomach pains and:

  • Spotting or bleeding
  • regular tightening or cramping
  • vaginal discharge which is not usual
  • lower back pain
  • burning or pain while you pee
  • pain is so much or does not go away even after you have rested for half to one an hour

If any of these can be the signs of something which have to be treated or checked urgently.

The conditions which could cause your stomach pain and have to be treated or checked immediately are:

Ectopic Pregnancy

It is when the fertilized egg is implanted outside a womb, for instance in the fallopian tube. Pregnancy could not survive and have to be just removed with surgery or medicine.

Signs generally appear between four and twelve weeks of the pregnancy and might include:

  • bleeding and tummy pain
  • pains in the tip of the shoulder
  • discomfort while peeing or pooing


The bleeding and stomach pains before twenty-four weeks of the pregnancy could usually be a symptom of the miscarriage or just a threatened miscarriage (while you spot but your pregnancy continues normally).


Pains under your ribs are quite usual in the later pregnancy because of your growing baby as well as the uterus pushing up under your ribs.

But in case such kind of pain is persistent or bad specifically on your right side then it might be a symptom of the pre-eclampsia (that is high blood pressure in the pregnancy) that affects a few pregnant women. This normally starts after twenty weeks or after your baby is born.

Premature Labor

In case you are less than thirty-seven weeks pregnant & are also having some regular tightenings or abdominal cramps then call the midwife.

Placental Abruption

It’s when the placenta begins to just come away from a wall of your womb, often causing spotting as well as constant stomach pain in early pregnancy which does not come & go like the contraction pain.

It is usually an emergency as this means your placenta might not be actually able to support the baby properly. You must go to the hospital.


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